Cerys Rees

Cerys Rees lives in Llantrisant, South Wales, with a menagerie of rabbits, hens, hounds and two small children. The author of A Lovely Day For A Walk, she has always loved creating and painting, and the arrival of her children inspired Cerys to reassess her career in Sales and Marketing and start illustrating again. When she’s not drawing, she can be found on a mountain, running along the Taffs Trail, or baking with the enormous amount of eggs her flock of hens produce.

A Lovely Day For A Walk

A dog sets out for a walk one day, and as he walks he is joined by other animals in this jaunty tale of a walk with a view. Where will they end up? Includes the piano score for teachers, parents and even young beginners to put this lovely book to music.

A Lovely Day For a Walk is available to order here from Amazon

A Lovely Day For A Walk colouring sheet 1 – free download

A Lovely Day For A Walk colouring sheet 2 – free download

ISBN 978-0993077357

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